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Cardamon Black Tea

 Cardamon Tea

When I lived in India I loved Masala Chai (a milky spiced tea), but I have also discovered that adding Cardamon to black or green tea without adding milk is also a delicious, and warming tea. Cardamon originates from the area including India, Pakistan and Bhutan. It is a  fragrant spice that adds aroma and depth to a variety of both sweet and savoury dishes. It is very easy to buy in most Western Supermarkets in the spice aisle.


  • 4 green cardamon seeds
  • 1 tea bag of black or green tea (or 1/2 tsp of loose tea leaves)
  • 500ml water


  1. Crush the cardamon pods. You can do this either by squeezing them between your fingers or by placing them on a board, laying a knife flat on top of them, and banging them with your fist.
  2. Make sure that the pods are open, and you can see the black seeds inside, but not yet that the seeds are falling out of the pods. Exposing the seeds to the water will add even more fragrance to the tea.
  3. Place the cardamon pods into a water kettle (jug). Add 500ml of fresh water and boil the jug / kettle.
  4. Add the tea bag to a tea pot with a strainer. Pour the water and cardamon pods into the kettle.
  5. Let the tea brew for around 5 minutes and then serve.
  6. Makes 2 cups.

Music to go with it…
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