Fisherman at sunset on the beach at the Temple Tree Resort and S

Meditation, Mindfulness, and the reading that we do on how we can lower our stress levels and live a healthier life.

Lois snorkeling, Pulau Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia

A lesson in bravery

Last week we went to Sulawesi in Indonesia for the week with family, and I got a lesson in bravery. Not from a grown up, but from a little girl. We normally think of bravery as something macho. People who ... Read More
Biking in Copenhagen, Denmark

GDP vs Social Progress

Since the Great Depression in the 1930s we have defined the progress of countries based on their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We determine progress based only on wealth. We don't look at social progress: the distribution of that wealth, the ... Read More
View from the pool at the Vivanta by Taj hotel looking over Sri

Finding our ideal place to live

Every couple of months an article about the best places to live in the world is published. They are all different - where to live as an expat by HSBC, the best cities in the world, the happiest countries in ... Read More

Digital detox

Recently I went through a period that was rather stressful and even though I am consciously trying to be mindful and to de-stress, it seemed like all of my efforts weren’t quite working. Reading Arianne Huffington’s “Thrive” also got me ... Read More
Taking a boat out to the Secret Gili Islands, Sekotong, Lombok I

This is water

This beautiful film reminds us of how mindfulness can have an impact every single day. Whether standing at the grocery store, driving in heavy traffic, or listening to our children complaining, we all have a choice to make. To go ... Read More
Brene Brown the gifts of imperfection

Embracing vulnerability

Over the last year I have started reading books to challenge the way I see the world. One which still resonates with me is “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. She also has two excellent Ted Talks (links below) ... Read More
Dalai Lama journal and pen

Keeping a journal

Shortly after I started my wellness journey, I picked up the advice to start writing a journal and capturing my progress and thoughts for the day. Over time this has evolved into a daily practize that I just don’t skip ... Read More
Catching the bus in the rain

When the going gets tough

I came across this poem recently by Katrina Kenison and I thought it was fabulous. It really summed up all of the things that I wish I could do, that I know I am guilty of not doing often enough, ... Read More

Inspiration for the day

Keeping a journal has become a daily practise for me, but while I follow the same template every day, it isn’t a static process. Over time I have started capturing things that strike me, inspirational quotes, passages out of books ... Read More

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