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Boat moored off Mahamaya resort, Gili Meno, Indonesia (June 2013

Over the last year, we have experienced a positive influence from changing our lives, and taking control of our health journey. We want to do everything we can to improve our health, and that means eating better, exercising more, and lowering our stress levels.

In the Healthy Living section we will share our explorations in the areas of Body, Escape and Mind.

Body includes yoga, getting out and being active, and jogging.

Escape is about getting out and exploring the world, both our back yards, and further afield. Escape is a fantastic way to rebalance our lives, and take meaningful pauses to reset our stress levels. We both love to travel and we will share our travel experiences, and even some tips for traveling with children, something we have done a lot of.

Mind includes Meditation, Mindfulness, and the reading that we do on how we can lower our stress levels and live a healthier life.

From talking to others though, we recognise that we are on a personal journey. That each of us has to find the path that works best for them. There is no right answer, there is no magic prescription, and we don’t promise to know everything. We will share our experiences, and we look forward to hearing your experiences as well!

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