Boats on the Weligama bay, South Coast, Sri Lanka (March 2013)

Getting out and exploring the world, both our back yards, and further afield. Travel is a fantastic way to re-balance our lives, and take meaningful pauses to reset our stress levels. We both love to travel and we will share our travel experiences, and some tips for traveling with children, something we have done a lot of.

Salt lake at Little Rann, Gujarat, India

Sun Temples and Salt Lakes, Gujarat

Rajastan, the Golden Triangle, and the Taj Mahal are all well known tourist attractions in India. Even Kerala is attracting a following to its backwaters. But India has so much more to offer, that is just a little off the ... Read More

Safe Travel for Women in India

We lived for 2 years in India. To begin with I felt very safe. I didn't mind traveling alone for work, I went up to the local mall in the evening, and I caught a taxi by myself on arrival ... Read More
cappucinos with latte art

Our favourite coffees of Singapore

Singapore is a such a stop over destination. On the way between Europe and the Pacific, transit hub between many Asian destinations, and an often visited business destination. What ever your reason for visiting (or living in) Singapore, a mini ... Read More
Snorkeling Pulau Bunaken Sulawesi Indonesia

Snorkeling Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

Pulau Bunaken is an island off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Sulawesi lies next to Borneo, and is approximately 1700 km from North to South as you can drive it. Getting there and away A flight from Singapore or ... Read More
Little island in the Secret Gili Islands, Sekotong, Lombok Islan

Time for a virtual holiday

As part of its annual Travelers Choice Awards, Trip Advisor has released its list of the top 10 islands to visit. Here are the Top Travelers' Choice Islands around the world: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Maui, Hawaii Roatan, Honduras Santorini, ... Read More

The Cultural Triangle, Sri Lanka

North of Colombo From Colombo we headed north for a week. You could also do the same, or combine it with the South Coast of Sri Lanka route (in a separate post) in order to create a 2 week trip ... Read More

4 days in Georgetown, Malaysia

Georgetown: a melting pot of cultures Originally established as a trading post by the British, Georgetown (Penang) attracted a melting pot of traders. Like Singapore, Georgetown has its heart in Malaysia, but also drew a community of Chinese traders, and ... Read More

On retreat, South Coast, Sri Lanka

One of the joys of living in Singapore is that travel in Asia is so accessible. New Year, Chinese New Year, and Easter are great opportunities for a longer trip away within Asia, without having to spend too many of ... Read More

Traveling with kids, 2-5 years

Let me start by being honest. We have ended up traveling far more with our son than we ever expected to, and we have taken him to far more “adventurous” places than we had ever expected to before he was ... Read More

Traveling with kids, 0-2 years

The first flight our son took was a 2 months old. Before my maternity leave ran out, I decided we should make the most of my time off and take a trip to somewhere that we had wanted to go ... Read More

On retreat at Villa Flow, Bali

As a mother who works full time, juggling can be a struggle and the combination can get stressful at times. Over the last few months it has felt like a perfect storm of stress and I started to feel the ... Read More

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