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Body: including yoga, getting out and being active, and jogging.

Watching the world go by, Fort Cochin, Kerala, India (December 2

Top 10 tips for a more sustainable life

Earth Day is a great reason to take a little look at our lives and whether we are doing our bit for the planet. We've been thinking about our impact on the environment quite a lot lately, and here are ... Read More
Liam with chocolate

Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver has been trying for some time to bring it to our collective attention that we are not prioritizing the health of our children through the food choices that we make - both at home, and in school dinners ... Read More

Getting Started with Yoga

Getting started with a new habit can seem daunting, and I have noticed from looking at how we both differently started yoga, that there is no one right way to begin. Excuses, Excuses I delayed starting for a long time ... Read More
Apartment buildings in Shenzhen, China (January 2014)

Under the Dome

A Growing Consciousness of Air Pollution During the time we lived in Delhi we became conscious of Air Pollution. It wasn't measured then in the way it is in China or Singapore, and daily statistics on the Air Quality Levels ... Read More
Flower used in meditation practise as part of yoga

Yoga: It’s all about Union

I recently went to Bali on holiday and on a day trip to Ubud was amazed at the number of yoga clothing stores that had sprung up to dress the tourists on retreat in the many yoga studios that had ... Read More

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