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This is water

Taking a boat out to the Secret Gili Islands, Sekotong, Lombok I

This beautiful film reminds us of how mindfulness can have an impact every single day. Whether standing at the grocery store, driving in heavy traffic, or listening to our children complaining, we all have a choice to make. To go into auto-pilot and experience the knee jerk negative impulse that curses through our body – irritation, frustration, wishing we were somewhere else – or to be mindful and experience the situation in a different light.

By choosing to look at things differently. By choosing to use your imagination for positive effect, rather than allowing the default setting to stay engaged. By choosing to look at life positively instead of allowing the glass to stay half empty in those every day, mind numbing situations; we can change the way we experience them. We can change our every day existence.

Enjoy the visuals created by Patrick Buckley of the 2005 commencement speech of David Foster Wallance to Kenyon College.




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