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Health issues
Garlic and Lime started when we decided that we had no choice anymore but to change our lifestyles. Both of us had been struggling with health issues, and it seemed like a wake up call from nature. The path that we were leading – over stressed, not enough exercise, and with a poor attention to how many fruit and vegetables we were eating – was not working for us.

A link published by a friend on Facebook started us on a journey towards better health. The video of Dr Terry Wahls showed how she had taken control of her health through eating radically more vegetables and fruit, and reducing stress through meditation and exercise.

We started reading more, searching the internet, talking to each other, and crafting our own health journey together.

A love of food and travel
We both love food and travel. So the idea of cutting back to a whole food lifestyle originally seemed daunting. We didn’t want to stop exploring food, we didn’t want to stop traveling, and we didn’t want to stop trying new things.

A new challenge
Instead, we started seeing our new lifestyle as a positive challenge. It sparked a new exploration of whole food. It started us creating new recipes – the first of which was a pancakes recipe so that we could still enjoy our Sunday morning pancakes ritual with our son.

It also started us exploring different forms of exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and regular escapes as a way to reduce stress and rebalance our lives.

East meets West
With our history of living around the world (Auckland, New Zealand; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; New Delhi, India and Singapore) we had long explored different cultures through food. Food from all of these countries and more had become part of our regular repertoire of recipes.

So when we started our exploration of food that would fit into our new lifestyle, an exploration of different cultures’ food was also part of that journey. You can describe our cooking as being inspired by the best of the West and the East.

The journey continues
It is still a journey. It is still an exploration. But it is one that is already bearing fruit. Both of us have more energy, have lost weight, put on muscle tone, and feel better both physically and mentally for having started this journey.

From talking to others though, we recognise that we are on a personal journey. That each of us has to find the path that works best for them. There is no right answer, there is no magic prescription. A vegan or paleo diet are both routes to achieving a low saturated fat diet. Yoga and running are both ways to release energy and tone your body. So we won’t be prescriptive on the “right” journey for you. What we will do, is offer you inspiration, and share our experience from the path that we are on.

We wish you a lot of success on your path to better health – please share it with us!
Genevieve and Barry

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  1. I just LOVE reading and exploring all content in the new set up. Please do contine your journey and keep sharing! Great pics too – yummie?

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